Unity Certified User Certification

Announcement: Unity Certified User certification coming in 2019!

Unity Certified User: Programmer certification

The Unity Certified User certification will focus on programming with Unity software. It will cover the basics of C# programming within Unity to create interactivity in games, apps, AR/VR, and other experiences. The exam objectives will be aligned with current industry standards set by professionals and educators. Individuals will be expected to have at least 150 hours of Unity software use and training to obtain the certification.

For Schools

The Unity Certified User exams can be administered on campus or in a classroom by becoming a Bahabeach Authorized Testing Center, which ensures the integrity and credibility of the exams. Integrate courses using official learning resources and practice tests to prepare for certification.

For Aspiring Professionals

Earn a Unity Certified User certification to be job-ready with industry-recognized certifications across industries. Demonstrate and showcase industry knowledge and skills by promoting the credential on your resume, portfolio, and professional networking sites.