Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and general terms of use for certification examinations

The content of Certiport examinations is confidential and is protected by trade secret law and other applicable law. It is made available to you, the Examinee, solely for the purpose of skill measurement with regard to the examination(s) taken. Examinee is expressly prohibited from disclosing, publishing, reproducing, summarizing, paraphrasing, or transmitting these examinations, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, verbal or written, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without the prior express written permission of Certiport, a business of NCS Pearson, Inc.

Privacy policy

Certiport collects personally identifiable information when you register for an examination. Please refer to our policy to learn more about the privacy of this information and to specify how your information may be used by Certiport and its partners.

This agreement shall be construed and controlled by the laws of the State of Minnesota, United States of America, and Examinee further consents to jurisdiction by the state and federal courts sitting in Hennepin County, Minnesota

Read the privacy policy


Test candidate exam policies

Test candidates, proctors and administrators must adhere and/or enforce all of the following policies when taking or administering an exam at a Certiport Authorized Testing Center.

  • Upon arrival at the testing center, Test Candidates must present their personal identification bearing a photograph and signature.
  • Test candidates may not take recording devices such as paper/pencil, cameras, PDAs, computers, or communication devices such as cell phones, or pagers into the testing area.
  • Test candidates must not communicate with other test candidates either in the testing room, or in any other area of the testing facility during authorized testing breaks.
  • Test candidates must read and accept the terms of the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) presented prior to the start of the exam.
  • Test candidates must not remove exam content from the testing area, and must not reproduce exam content outside of the testing area.
  • Test candidates must abide by the terms of the retake policy.
  • Test candidates found to have violated testing center rules may lose any existing certifications and may be made permanently ineligible for additional certifications.

Please Note: In certain circumstances, the computer on which a test candidate is taking the exam may stop responding, or produce an error condition in which continuation of the exam would not be possible. If a test candidate experiences this or any other computer interruption, they must notify the Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC) administrator and/or proctor immediately to restart the exam. When the computer is restarted and/or the error condition resolved, the proctor will launch the software again and the test candidate will choose the “In-Progress” exam, which will return them to the point at which the interruption occurred. The software will retain the exam progress and time remaining up to the point of termination, as long as the exam is resumed on the same computer in which it was started.

For additional information regarding this policy, please contact us.

Voucher policies

  • Voucher prices may vary by CATC (Certiport Authorized Testing Center).
  • Proctor and/or other testing center fees may apply. Ensure you have discussed all applicable fees with the testing center prior to sitting for the exam.
  • CATCs handle the scheduling of all exams. Contact your desired testing center to schedule your exam.
  • All Certiport exam programs are not necessarily available at every CATC. Ensure your chosen testing center is set up and prepared to deliver your desired exam prior to scheduling.
  • Once you have purchased your voucher you may assign it to yourself (see assignment of vouchers section below) which prevents the voucher from being redeemed by anyone other than the test candidate to whom it was assigned.
  • All vouchers must be used prior to their expiration dates (in CST), without exception, and cannot be extended for any reason.
  • Each alpha-numeric code may be used to take one exam. Once the exam begins, the voucher becomes void and cannot be reused or reassigned.
  • A voucher is not valid if altered or revised in any way and cannot be redeemed for cash, credit, or refund.
  • Some vouchers are also available with a retake option. Vouchers with retakes are sold separately, and retake codes alone do not exist for purchase. See next section for retake voucher specific policies.

Retake voucher policies

  • Retake Voucher policies are in addition to all applicable voucher policies listed in the previous section.
  • A retake voucher code will only be issued if you have purchased an “exam voucher with retake” product.
  • Retake voucher codes will only be issued if you fail the exam. If you pass the exam, a retake voucher code will not be generated or issued.
  • Retake voucher codes are generated within 24 hours of failing the exam, and cannot be rush processed for any reason.
  • A retake voucher code will be sent to the email address on your Certiport account in addition to automatically being assigned to your test candidate profile. It will automatically be available to select from within the payment method window when you retake the test.
  • The original code purchased (or the generated retake code), once redeemed, will not work for additional testing.
  • The retake voucher code can only be redeemed for the exact same exam that was administered in the first failed attempt. You cannot take a different exam with a retake voucher code.
  • The retake voucher code will expire (in CST) a set number of days after the code is generated, and the window to redeem a retake code varies by program (see below). This will be a different expiration date than the original voucher code redeemed for the initial exam attempt. Expiration dates on retake codes cannot be extended for any reason.
    • MOS: 30 Days
    • MTA: 30 Days
    • MCE: 30 Days
    • QBCU: 30 Days
    • ACA: 60 Days
    • ACP: 60 Days
    • ACU: 60 Days
    • IC3: 60 Days
    • ESB: 30 Days
    • Toon Boom: 60 Days

Additional voucher information

Best practices

  • Test candidates should be encouraged to redeem their vouchers, or sit for a retake, well before the expiration date if possible. All vouchers and retake vouchers expire at 11:59:59 P.M. CST on the day of the expiration date.
  • Once a test candidate has obtained a voucher, they should assign it to themselves immediately.
  • Ensure you are in possession of a voucher prior to sitting for an exam. If a test candidate has not assigned it to themselves they should write or print out the code and bring it with them in to the testing room.